The Human Experience – 40 Days Practice

I am a spiritual being having a human experience

In times like these, when the human experience is getting real and downright scary, having a spiritual practice feels essential to me.

I have recently committed to a 40-days practice of a certain meditation. These are a challenge at any time, but while taking care of my baby it feels next to impossible!  Still, I’m approximately half way through and going strong. 40 days can seem like a long time  in any case. Whatever it is you choose to do for forty days– be it a meditation, a Kriya, doing a sketch everyday, taking a cold shower, waking up at 5 am,—it will take you on a ride! There will be times when you look forward to it. Some days are blissful. Other times, you will procrastinate as long as possible before you do it. Sometimes you will be able to immerse yourself effortlessly, sometimes it will be a drag. On certain days, you will simply forget. Worse case you fall off the wagon completely and drop out.


However, when the 40 days are over, you may be happy to turn your back on the practice forever, you may miss it terribly, you may want to repeat the experience. You may also decide to take it to 90, 120 or 1000 days (please check with a teacher if you want to do so with a meditation or Kriya). In any case, this practice will be with you forever. It will shape you, add to your life, you will be that much richer with the experience.


Right now you may wish to structure your day somewhat, and a 40 day practice is a good way to do it. You can set yourself up for success if you sit down at the same time every day. Now, with not many things going on outside the house for most of us, this might be easier than usual.


Want to hop on the consistency- wagon? I have two recommendations for you:

Sarb Gyan Kriya for 40 days

“Meditation For wealth and opportunity” for 90 days

Sat Nam and may you be in good health and spirit.




Author: I am a mother, Kundalini Yogi and currently in lockdown at home in Switzerland.

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