2020: Re-Committing to Yourself

The New Year has come and gone and with it the time to reflect and making some plans for the future. Personally, I take it slow. The reason is my infant daughter of 6 months. As a new mummy, there is not much wriggling room for additional disciplines, reading 100 books or extended gym time. For the most part, I am grateful when I get to do my Sadhana (spiritual morning practice) a few times a week now. At least I’m going to take a cold shower, even if it is midday and not followed by a yoga practice. After a sleepless night – I’m breastfeeding and doing elimination communication with my baby – a cold shower will make you feel better. Also, in all other cases, a cold shower is a great way to start your day, I’ll save this topic for another post.

Breathing consciously

My resolutions form over a longer period of time toward the end of the year and involve winter solstice- and New Years Eve rituals. On New Years Eve I also like to let go of things. This year I left behind sorrows, sugar, excess weight, petty bickering with my partner, being fearful, a mindset of overachieving, exsanguinous events and the phone number of a particular ex. My resolutions for 2020 include: Taking 10 conscious breaths a day, daily cold showers, covering my basic needs which are sleep, nutrition, movement and yoga in order to be the best caretaker I can be for my child. I also want to explore my creativity this year.

Using resolutions as a filter

Furthermore, I invited motherly bliss, family fun, sexuality, abundance, new paths, ideas and solutions and generosity into my life. On the latter I had to choke a few times already when jealousy, tension or judgement started to creep in. I need to remind myself: Didn’t you want to be more generous? So, resolutions or committing to a certain set of values or behaviours serve as a filter for decision making. If you gain a strong vision of your best future Self, you may ask yourself: Does this help becoming my best future Self or not? Based on the answer you have the choice to engage in a certain behaviour or not.

Struggles with addiction: Put it in writing

I have also committed to writing for this site consistently for three years, so you will read quite a bit about me in the future. I’ve been a Beyond Addiction addict (pun intended) since 2014. I feel I have a lot to contribute on various topics and I want to cultivate writing again as a part of exploring my creativity. I am certainly a much happier and healthier woman today thanks to repeatedly taking and teaching this program. I tremendously enjoy the community around it, getting to work together with people from around the globe and Sat Dharam’s guidance.

Re-committing to yourself

Then I saw this facebook challenge about doing 108 frogs, a Kundalini Yoga exercise, every day for 40 days. Oh great, I thought, I’m in. Or, my former overachieving, childless self would have been in….As it is now, I half-heartedly started out, did some, then I did 30, then forgot about it for two days, and then I wanted to cry when I only managed 13 the day before yesterday due to sheer exhaustion (bad nights). So I let go of performing 120 for 40 and just make do with when I remember to do some frogs, I will do as many as I can push myself to do.
At the end of the day, it does not matter what exactly it is you’re committing to at the beginning of a brand new year: 108 frog poses, eat more vegetables (anyone), make more time to go to the pool and do your laps…You are first and foremost re-committing to yourself. And that alone is worth celebrating.
I am a Kundalini Yogi, mother and environmentalist. I live tiny in Switzerland with my husband and daughter. You can find me on facebook.
Photocredit: Emilia Berg

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  1. Thank you Carla for this piece. For me it was a great reminder that even the smallest piece of commitment to best future self does take you to new heights and has a wonderful ripple effect to those around you. Best to you all for 2020!

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