The Regeneration Project: Connect with Your Essence and the Earth

kirtan-raj-stone-houseBy reconnecting we can begin to work on regenerating ourselves, our relationships and the environment in an integrated sustainable way. The Regeneration Project aims to do this by integrating the Beyond Addiction program with organic, permaculture based and/or Biodynamic farming, cultivating a healthy relationship between people and the environment.

“When we heal the Earth we heal ourselves”  ~ David Orr

“We can calculate in approximately how many decades agricultural products will have degenerated to such an extent that they can no longer serve as human nourishment. It will certainly be within this [20th] century. We can see how necessary it is to derive forces from the spirit, forces that are as yet quite unknown. This is necessary not only for the sake of somehow improving agriculture, but so that human life on Earth can continue at all, since as physical beings we depend on what the Earth provides.”  ~ Rudolph Steiner, 1924

Biodynamics can be defined as a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition. Farming is an art as well as a science that demonstrates the interconnectedness of all things. Biodynamics looks at the whole, rather than the parts, and builds resilience so that the soil will be rich in nutrients to feed current and future generations.

We are currently taking steps to connect organic, permaculture-based and/or biodynamic farmers with the Beyond Addiction community and plan to create a number of on-farm workshops and retreats in the near future.

Our eventual goal is to have short and long-term residential Beyond Addiction programs available to individuals on organic farms around the globe. Part of the residency would include learning to grow food and tend the soil.

For further details or to find out how you can be a part of this international project please contact the Regeneration Project Coordinator, Kirtan Raj (Elaine) at: [email protected]

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Kirtan Raj

kirtan-rajWith a Master’s degree in Architecture and Environmental Studies, Kirtan Raj gained experience working in the private and public sectors in Ireland. She then chose to pursue her passion for natural building by volunteering on natural building sites across Europe. Unexpectedly, she became fascinated by the culture and community around which the buildings were sited, built and inhabited. In May 2016, she moved to a farm near Grand Valley, Ontario where she will pursue a career in biodynamic farming, natural building and sharing the teachings of Kundalini yoga. She dreams of bringing the Beyond Addiction program to communities and farms around the globe as a way to reconnect people with place.

One response to “The Regeneration Project: Connect with Your Essence and the Earth

  1. Brilliant and exciting idea! I’d love to hear more and/or be kept apprised of your plans. I’d most certainly attend and am just discovering the BA programs this morning! A farm stay/work component would be wonderful, for many populations, actually! Great work and please do keep me on the loop.
    ~ Sonia (KW born and raised, downtown Toronto for 30 years)

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