Siri Dharma has been teaching kundalini yoga since 1998. She specializes in kundalini yoga for addiction and taught yoga and meditation at drug rehab facilities for 19 years. Siri Dharma started and has led the Beyond Addiction program in South Africa since 2016. She is one of the facilitators of Gabor Maté’s online Compassionate Inquiry course and is one of the first certified Compassionate Inquiry practitioners in the world.  Siri Dharma is also a musician and plays kirtan in a band called the Dharma Sisters. Siri Dharma is trained as a lawyer and is an accredited mediator with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in the United Kingdom. She has practiced both as a corporate lawyer and a human rights lawyer and she currently trains and mentors young lawyers at one of South Africa’s top law firms. She is also involved with diversity and inclusion work at the firm. She is trained in Family Life counselling and in Addiction counselling and has studied and teaches non-violent communication.