Anirudh N Goel is actively pursuing to become a Mental Health Professional since 2017. He is currently based out of Mumbai India, where he parallely runs a Brand and Marketing Strategy Consultancy. He is trained and certified in diverse modalities and processes, such as Somatic Experiencing, Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy, Bodymanics, Compassionate Inquiry and Presence Oriented Psychotherapy. His personal explorations have led him to the Eastern schools of Mahayana Buddhism, Yoga Psychology and Vedanta, along with Ayurveda Therapy and Pranayama. His approach is holistic and integrates various frameworks with the intention to involve the mind, the body and the heart of the individual. He is working to be an ‘Integrated Psychotherapist’, to function through the merged lens of the Eastern and Western schools of psychology and philosophy. His areas of focus are addiction, trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety and overall wellness.

Contact: [email protected]