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Applicant Information

Certification Guidelines to Become a Beyond Addiction Trainer

To become a Beyond Addiction Trainer, you must be approved by Sat Dharam Kaur and the Beyond Addiction certification team as a Beyond Addiction Instructor.

You must have completed three (with 100% attendance) Beyond Addiction: The Yogic Path to Recovery programs, in any of the following formats: 54 hr-16 Week Series, 9 Day Immersion, 4 Weekend Program, Online Program,  as a participant, as a small group facilitator, and as a teacher-in-training.

Please list the programs you have completed below.

Program 1

Program 2

Program 3

(If you are not a certified counsellor, social worker or health professional with liability insurance for counselling, you must arrange for a certified counsellor to teach the program with you, or be present in the room while you are teaching the full program.)

Do you understand and agree to:

  1. obtaining permission to host a program before teaching a Beyond Addiction program
  2. work in non-competitive teaching teams
  3. communicate with existing teachers in a region in which you hope to teach, before proposing another program

Thank you for submitting an application to become a trainer.

If you have any questions, please contact Sat Dharam Kaur at [email protected] or call 519 372-9212