Jodha Atma S. Khalsa has been a seeker of truth his entire life. He’s been blessed to discover Kundalini Yoga and has embarked on a journey of personal evolution and transformation. His past experience as a paramedic and registered massage therapist has trained him in an understanding of the human body, emergency medicine, trauma, and the power of healing touch and human connection.

He relinquished his earthly possessions and comforts of a western life to start up healing centers in developing countries around the globe. He has fought and won his own personal battles with addiction and is now ready to help others see the way out of suffering. He believes the technology of Kundalini Yoga along with access to community services is a solution to the global disconnect this world faces. He is pleased to be an ambassador for the Beyond Addiction program and to make this program accessible to communities that would otherwise not have access to it.

Contact: [email protected]