Meme and Uncosciousness

Richard Dawkins in a book titled The Selfish Gene, was looking for a concept that would describe a gene. He succeeded and named it ‘meme’. He saw ‘meme’ as an endless repetition of genes. Now the “Genome Project” identified 95% of genes as ‘Junk Genes”. Chances are that Dawkins, as most other people who observe human interactions, found that 95% of what people say is useless.


We Are Memetic Beings

Meme must also have a relationship with the fact that human beings are memetic creatures. We copy each other, both consciously and unconsciously. We are role models for each other. We even copy totally useless modes of behavior. Do we take on each other’s ‘meme’ in the same proportion as our genes have been diagnosed and endlessly repeat what other people say? Well, perhaps not ‘endlessly’, just 95% of the time. There is something to this 95%! Neurobiologists claim that we only use 5% of our brain capacity. I suppose the other 95% is filled with Junk Genes and sit there useless.


We Live 95% of Our Lives Unconsciously!

But there is always a flip side to everything. Other Neurobiologists claim that we only use 5% of our consciousness on a daily basis. The other 95% of our daily activities are guided by the Unconscious Mind. At the same time, the Unconscious Mind has been observed and measured as working 40 times faster and more efficiently than the Conscious Mind. Surprise! The question is, “Is there a relationship between the Junk Genes that constitute 95% of our genes, and the Unconscious Mind, that runs 95% of our daily activities?”


Can Anyone Find My Unconscious Mind?

This question should drive the scientific and rational-minded researchers mad, because the Unconscious Mind cannot be found. It is missing in action. As a matter of fact, neither can the Conscious Mind. We all know that we are conscious, but no one know where that consciousness is based. I keep my Conscious Mind at the very tip of my right index finger. I keep my Unconscious Mind in my left elbow. But that’s just me. I know some people who hide theirs in a molecule of toxic waste embedded in a fatty cell among billions of other fatty cells they keep around their waist.


Are We Wasting Our Breath?

95% of our memes likely convey unconscious signals to those who hear or read us. That ratio is exactly what Psychologists claim happens when we talk face to face with each other. They claim that 95% of our communication is done Unconsciously. What we actually say constitutes only 5% of the meaning we convey. Does it sound like we are wasting our breath? Or, should we only say 5% of what we try to communicate? Could this essay have been written by just a short, simple paragraph?


About the author: Daniel M. Kolos is a ‘graduate’ of the Beyond Addiction Program. He practices Kundalini Yoga and has been certified by Dr. Gabor Maté as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner. His recent book, “Responsible? Hell No!” (available from Amazon) follows his Compassionate Inquiry training “Aha!” moments and makes it clear that we are not responsible for our childhood traumas.

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