Dr. Giselle Lily Lefebvre ND graduated from CCNM in 2003. She currently practices in downtown Vancouver at the Sinclair Wellness Center. Her post graduate training includes the Beyond Addiction program and the Healthy Breast Program, taught by her mentor Sat Dharam Kaur ND. Giselle has also trained and assists soon-to-be mothers as a birth doula.

Her practice addresses the needs of individuals dealing with addictions who seek healing and integration on all levels. She uses acupuncture, IV therapy, neurotransmitter balancing, guided meditations, nutrition and botanical medicine to improve her clients’ health.

Dr. Giselle believes that a healthy lifestyle is attainable and enjoyable. Small steps can add up to leaps in the right direction. You can learn more about Dr. Giselle at www.doctorgiselle.com and the clinic at www.sinclairwellnesscentre.com. 

She can be reached at 604-629-1120..

Contact: doctorgiselle@gmail.com